Fees and Charges

CanYa is the cheapest services marketplace in the industry; the only fee is a 8% transactional fee from the Provider.

CanYa only charges fees if you successfully complete a transaction through the app, or a client cancels inside of a Provider's No Cancellation Period (NCP). There are no extra "lead" fees to receive or respond to quotes, and there are no ongoing subscription fees.


Transaction type Service Charge
Cash 0%
Credit-Card 0%

Service Providers:

Transaction type Service Charge
Cash 8%
Credit-Card 8%



A Provider finalises an invoice for $100 to be paid via card. 
The User will be charged $100 + 0% = $100 ( FREE!). 
The Provider will receive $100 - 8% = $92     

Any  CanYa Rewards referrals will be paid for out of CanYa's fees.

The Client will see the following on their account summary:

Client: Job #12345     - $100
Credit-Card Charged    $100
Total                                 $0

The Provider will see the following on their account summary:

Provider: Completed Job #12345    $92
Total                                                 $92

Note: if a user has either credit or an existing account balance, this will be applied to the invoice first. 

Cancellation Fees

A user who cancels inside the No Cancellation Period (NCP) as specified by the Provider will incur a 20% fee (up to a maximum of $100). This will be paid to the Provider minus the CanYa service fee. This will make up for their time and inconvenience. As an alternative to cancelling, you can ask your Provider to re-schedule the job at any time.

The NCP is set to "none" as default. If a Provider sets a NCP, it is their policy and you must agree to it when you confirm a booking with them.

If a job needs to be cancelled due to circumstances outside of your control, just ask your Provider to cancel the job, which will not incur any NCP penalties.

GST & Tax

All invoices include information about GST for tax purposes. For an in depth explanation of GST & Tax, please refer to  GST & Tax.

CanYaCoin (CAN)

CanYaCoin is the ERC20-based cryptocurrency that will be integrated into the CanYa platform after the CanYaCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The fees and charges that will be applicable to the CAN will be updated when appropriate. To track the progress of the CAN ICO, check https://canya.io.

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