CanYa Rewards

Share with your friends. Grow the community. Own the profits!

CanYa Rewards is about rewarding the same community who use it and help grow it. Instead of paying for advertising, we pay our members a small referral reward whenever a friend is referred and when a job is done.

We would love everyone to be involved. Simply sign up your friends and family and we will share some of our profits with you!

When referring a new CanYa user, ensure they type in your referral code when signing up.    

How to refer:

How to refer

Find your referral code in the menu pane. Get your friend to put it in when they sign up.



Now, every time your friend spends or earns in CanYa, we will pay you roughly 10% of our earnings. It's real money, which you can withdraw or spend in CanYa. We do not charge any extra to your friends. We simply return some of our profits back to the community as a finder/referral reward, so we can grow our user base faster.

Bob refers Jane:

Bob refers Jane

Bob shares his referral code with Jane.

Now, whenever Jane spends or earns money in CanYa, we will pay Bob approximately 10% of our earnings. 


Wait, it gets better. 

If you encourage your friend to also refer their friends, CanYa Rewards gets even better!

Every time your friend's friend spends or earns in CanYa, we will pay you roughly 15% of our earnings. So you'll actually earn more from the friends your friends refer. Which means you should encourage all of your referrals to sign up as many people as possible! 

Feel free to post your referral code on Facebook, tell people direct or paint it on your car!! You should refer as many people as possible!!!


Jane then refers Tim:

Jane shares her referral code with Tim.


Now, whenever Tim spends or earns money in CanYa, we will pay Jane approximately 10%, and Bob approximately 15% of our earnings.


Really? Are you sure the maths works?

Yes it's really easy. If Tim does a $100 job, normally CanYa would make ~ $3.50 in commissions to cover costs & advertise to build more users. Instead of paying advertisers, we pay $0.25c to Jane, and $0.50 to Bob. That's it. In this example, we make ~ $2.75 (before costs) and give out $0.75. Pretty simple! If you have a lot of friends and your friends have a lot of friends, and they are all regularly using CanYa, you will make a lot of small amounts that will add up over time!

Can I withdraw CanYa Rewards as cash?

Yep. Withdraw it straight to a verified bank account and go get a coffee and a smashed avocado brunch on us. Or save up and get your house cleaned, your garden mowed, your dogs walked, or practically anything else in CanYa!

Of note, the smallest increment of payment is $0.05 (a job of $20 from a direct referral). 

See our Terms of Service for more information.

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