How CanYa Works

CanYa is a people-first services platform designed to drive high quality, highly personalised work with no subscriptions or 'lead' fees.

The process is very simple: Find, Book, Pay and Review.

Providers: Simply set up a profile and wait for job requests. No more wasting time quoting in a race to the bottom. People are booking YOU directly because they have read your profile and want high quality work.

Users: Browse for your preferred Provider and book them directly. Take back control and choose the highest quality provider you want for the job.

The CanYa Flow

  1. The User browses a list of service categories.
  2. The User selects a Provider from the category. Highest quality Providers will appear at the top of the list along with their prices and rating. The user can Chat and Call the Provider, read their reviews and qualifications before booking.
    1. [Optional]: The User may post a job broadcast ("get quotes") which is sent out to the best 3-5 nearby providers who may all quote on the job.
  3. The User selects a preferred Provider for their job and sends a quote request containing detailed information such as requested times, photo's, description and job location.
  4. The Provider will get an alert on their phone and read the quote request. The Provider can Chat, Call and see the job location.
  5. The Provider sends a quote with estimated pricing, job times and duration.
  6. The User receives an alert, then reviews then accepts the job quote.
  7. The Provider does the work and finalises the invoice. The Provider may add extra charges and materials. The Provider may choose 'cash' or 'card' payment options.
    1. If 'card' is selected, CanYa charges the User's credit-card and credits the Provider's account. The Provider transfers the money directly to their bank account when convenient.
    2. If 'cash' is selected, the Provider will take a cash payment from the User, and CanYa will perform separate charges to recover the booking fee from the User and the Service fee from the Provider. 
  8. [Optional]: If selected, CanYa will email a tax invoice to the User on behalf of the Provider. CanYa will provide a GST summary for each quarter to assist Providers prepare their BAS.
  9. Both User and Provider review each other to promote high quality work with timely payments. Providers with higher ratings may be able to charge a premium for their services in the future.

CanYa only makes money when we do our job; that is both Client and Provider have happily completed and paid each other for a job. CanYa charges a small booking/transaction fee for payments done through our platform meaning no more wasting money on 'leads' and annual subscriptions. See fees and charges.

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