Provider - Getting Paid

Withdrawing Cash

Any cash in your CanYa cash account can be withdrawn at any time to your bank account. We set a minimum of $20 when trying to withdraw as the bank fees are quite high and we pay for them. Above $20 you can withdraw for free at any time - we will pay the withdraw fee for you.

It normally takes 1-3 business days to pay into your account. Contact us if you are missing a payment. 

You will need to verify your bank account before you withdraw. This ensures you get paid correctly and there are no typo's in your bank account numbers.

You may also see Pending balances in your account. These are Credit-Card (CC) payments yet to clear. Currently, CC payments will take 4 days to clear into "available to withdraw".  Your Cash total shows a sum of everything including Pending payments.

You can not withdraw Credit amounts. Think of credit as discounts applied to jobs -- you get a $10 welcome bonus that you can use to spend on your first jobs, but cannot withdraw this money.

Verifying Your Bank Account

Go to: Menu -> Payment -> Get Paid

Add a bank account

We will then send a random payment between $0.01 - 0.99 to your bank account. Keep an eye out for it over the next few days. We do this to make sure you haven't put any typo's in your account number so you don't accidentally pay somebody else your hard earned money!

Verify your account

Once you see our Payment called "CanYa Verify", go back to CanYa and enter it in to verify. Your bank account is now verified.


Add a new bank account

You can change your bank account at any time. Simply add a new one, and go through the verification procedure again.

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