Paying your provider

Paying your provider

You only pay for work in CanYa once your provider invoices you and you are happy with it. This is how it works:

Add Credit Card

  1. Menu -> Payments -> Pay
  2. Add your credit card details

We do a $1 pre-auth charge to your card to check validity. This will disappear after a few days.

Requesting a Quote

Before you request a quote we need to check your credit card to make sure you will be able to pay your provider. If you haven't yet added a credit card, you will need to do that then.

Accepting a Quote

When you accept/confirm a quote, you make an obligation to your provider to pay them, and to also pay us our small booking fee. The quote you accept is your provider's best estimate -- they may change this at billing time.

  1. You or your provider can change the time & date of booking. Just Call or Chat with each other using CanYa !
  2. Your provider may arrive and assess that they have mis-quoted you as the job is different to what they expected. They will either continue with the job and amend the invoice, or re-quote you from scratch.
  3. If you cancel inside your provider's No Cancellation Period, you will incur a cancellation fee. If something happens outside of your control, just ask your Provider to cancel for you, or request another time. See Fees and Charges.

Receiving an Invoice

Your provider may adjust the final job cost. Reasons may include:

  1. Your provider may add extra charges to the invoice. 
  2. Your provider may adjust the times that they worked.

You can either tap "pay now" or CanYa will pay on your behalf three days later.

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