Improving your CanYa ranking

The best experience in hiring a local service is by hiring the *best* local service. 

CanYa is simple - the higher your ranking, the more booking requests you get and the more you can charge for your services. The points you earn in CanYa influence your ranking.

So earn the most points!

1. Make your profile look great. 

Add profile details to earn points. This is how you'll look:

2. Add verifications and qualifications

Verifications means you can be contacted easily by your client and will earn you points. Remember - your private information will never be seen by other users. A complete how-to guide to account verification can be found here:  Verifying your CanYa profile.

Add qualifications to show you are qualified or licensed. Add awards and certificates as well - you'll get 50 points each time. 👌

3. Respond fast, complete jobs and get reviews

The faster you respond, the more jobs you invoice and the better reviews you get, the more points you earn. Example: Invoice $200 in CanYa and get a 5 star review. You will earn a base of 100 points, plus 3 points for every dollar. In this case, you will earn 700 points. 🙌

There's no penalty for completing a CanYa job outside of CanYa - but if your account is idle for too long, it may be de-activated.

4. Share your profile with your friends!

Get your friend to sign up using your profile link - 50 points. 👌
Get your friend to like your profile - 10 points. 💛 
Get your friend to view your profile - 5 points!

Each day that you log in to CanYa you will early a daily bonus of 10 points! This rewards providers who log in each day =)

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