GST and Tax

For Clients (Users)

After paying for a job, a tax invoice will be emailed to you automatically. You can also view archived jobs inside CanYa `Bookings > completed` and email yourself a PDF copy:

The Tax Invoice is made up of the Service Provider's fee plus a CanYa service fee in the one invoice. The CanYa fee always includes GST. The Service Provider fees may or may not include GST depending on the individual provider.

For Service Providers

After payment, CanYa will send the client a tax invoice on your behalf. If you write your own invoices, you can choose to disable this feature with a tick box when issuing the final invoice to the client.

The relationship between CanYa and Service Providers is an Agency model as  explained by the ATO.

CanYa takes the full payment from the client, then passes on an amount minus commission to the Service Provider.

For example a $100 job. CanYa charges the User $100, and pays the Service Provider $95. In this case, the Service Provider has made $100 (including GST if applicable) and paid $5 (including GST) in agency fees to CanYa. Their Quarterly BAS will include:

Total Sales (G1) = $100.00 
GST Payable (1A) = $9.09     (G1 divided by 11)
Non-Capital Purchases (G11) = $5.00   (CanYa service fee)
GST Paid Amount (1B) = $0.45   (G11 divided by 11)

If one of your CanYa Service Provider categories is registered for GST with an ABN, you will see a GST summary section in the Menu > Account > Summary:

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